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New Day - make it a better day

To paraphrase W Edwards Deming, “If things are going to get better then something has to change”. Of course, unbridled change can also lead to things getting worse. Which is why it’s important to have a solid, proven approach that is understood by everyone involved when it comes to addressing the various dynamics at play in the complex environment that we call the workplace today.

Unfortunately, during the normal busy day it often seems that we have all on just to get the job done, fulfil the order or deliver the service and keep the customer happy. There very rarely seems to be the time to take a breather and assess how things could be done better (we call this ‘stop chopping down trees and sharpen your axe’). And if there was time, where would you start?

The best way is to engage New Day Productivity Services. We have the experience of working with a wide variety of different companies in varied business sectors and can observe the way your processes and people work, while they’re working. Identify the problems and then help you to solve them. That’s what New Day Productivity Services does. Click here to contact us  and find out more…

No Fluffy Stuff, Just Practical Help

“Construction is a demanding environment. New Day have provided us with tailored systems and tools to meet those demands”

Tony Sharpe - Director -  Buildframe Solutions Ltd.

What We Do

“Stop chopping down trees and sharpen your axe”

Over the years of working in various industries and organisations it has become clear that there are a number of common elements present in the most productive and ultimately successful ones. Broadly speaking and in no particular priority these elements are:

Vision, Passion, Strategy, Communication, Leadership, Process, Systems, Tenacity, Inclusion, Respect, Review, Humility, Compassion and  Grace.

Some businesses have some of these, some businesses know about all of these, but very few consistently hold to all of these.

In working with our clients, New Day Productivity Services take a very practical approach - What are the problems? What are the causes? How do we alleviate them in the shortest time? And how do we prevent them from happening again?

It’s fairly reasonable to say that the answer to the above questions will lie in a lack of one or more of the above elements being present.

Different problems require different approaches and that’s where New Day Productivity Services provide the advantage.

Calling on our experience of Information Technology, Technical Services, Operational Service Delivery, Lean, Process Development, Systems Development, Applications Programming, Web Development, Management and Leadership Development, New Day Productivity Services bring a structured approach to all manner of problems. Whether you are a small business looking to grow or a larger business looking to capitalise on what you already have, New Day would like to develop a working relationship with you.

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