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Delivering Productivity Improvement

New Day Productivity Services delivers Productivity Improvement through the use of an effective combination of Lean Principles and Techniques, ITIL Service Management and years of experience working with a variety of successful companies across a number of business sectors to deliver tangible benefits for our clients.

What's Your Problem?

If things are going to get better then something has to change...

Even the most complex of problems can be addressed by following a structured approach.
These four basic steps provide a framework that everyone can understand and work to.

  1. Identify the problem

Understanding 'why' performance is not what it should be isn't that easy. Often, bringing in an experienced external person to work with your people will break down barriers and unearth the issues.

  2. Find the root cause

Understanding what the problem is, is a great start, but understanding the underlying causes takes a practised, methodical approach. This is something that not all businesses have and even those that do still need to get on with the 'day job'.

  3. Create a plan

Developing an effective plan to tackle the root causes of your problem requires a coordinated and often collaborative approach. Changes in one part of your process or business can have a knock on effect in another. Plan carefully.

  4. Execute the plan

As with plan development, effective plan execution is fundamental. Project Management and delivery require a tenacious approach with attention to detail and a determination to see the project to completion. Plan execution, like plan development, will also require a collaborative approach to ensure that everyone involved or affected are on board and carried along to completion. Execute thoroughly.

Make it a better day

Identifying problems and solving problems - that’s where it begins and ends...

To paraphrase W Edwards Deming, “If things are going to get better then something has to change”. Of course, unbridled change can also lead to things getting worse. Which is why it’s important to have a solid, proven approach when it comes to addressing the various dynamics at play in the complex environment that we call the workplace today.


We offer a range of services that are specifically tailored to your needs with no pushy sales pitch or agenda other than exploring how we can help.

Engagement usually starts with an informal chat or meeting and if things look promising then we'll agree on an initial plan of action...

We've listed some services to give a general idea of what's available but in our experience each organisation has their own specific needs which are best explored through a conversation.

IT Service

IT Service Improvement

Working with your IT people to improve Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction.

  • Service Audits
  • Interim Management
  • ITIL®
Productivity Improvement

Productivity Improvement

Developing Productivity Tools, Systems and processes to help your business run better and more efficiently.

  • Excel Solutions
  • Web Based Systems
  • I.T. for Improvement
Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

Working with you to make sure you are open for business in the most productive way.

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Process Improvement
  • Results through People

What We Do

Unfortunately, during the normal busy day it often seems that we have all on just to get the job done, fulfil the order or deliver the service and keep the customer happy. There very rarely seems to be the time to take a breather and assess how things could be done better. And if there was time, where would you start? The best way is to engage New Day Productivity Services. We have the experience of working with a wide variety of different companies in varied business sectors and can observe the way your processes and people work, while they’re working, identify the problems and then help you to solve them. That’s what New Day Productivity Services does. Click here to contact us and find out more.

Over the years of working in various industries and organisations it has become clear that there are a number of common elements present in the most productive and ultimately successful ones. Broadly speaking and in no particular priority these elements are:

Some businesses have some of these, some businesses know about all of these, but not all consistently hold to all of these.

In working with our clients, New Day Productivity Services take a very practical approach - What are the problems? What are the causes? How do we alleviate them in the shortest time? And how do we prevent them from happening again? It’s fairly reasonable to say that the answer to the above questions will lie in a lack of one or more of the above elements being present.

Different problems require different approaches and that’s where New Day Productivity Services provide the advantage. Calling on our experience of Information Technology, Technical Services, Operational Service Delivery, Lean, Process Development, Systems Development, Applications Programming, Web Development, Management and Leadership Development, New Day Productivity Services bring a structured approach to all manner of problems. Whether you are a small business looking to grow or a larger business looking to capitalise on what you already have, New Day would like to develop a working relationship with you.

About Newday

Not just another IT Company or Lean Consultancy, New Day Productivity Services is something different. Having worked for over 30 years in various Technical, Managerial and Consulting roles for some excellent companies around the world, Gordon Hollis has often been asked if he is available to take on freelance assignments. Opportunities presented themselves and New Day Productivity Services (NDPS) has been set up to make that possible.

Gordon Hollis

Gordon Hollis

About Gordon Hollis

During his long career Gordon has worked for and with a number of high profile and well-known companies across the globe. These companies operate in a variety of industry sectors which has included Local Government, the Travel Sector, Media, Telecommunications, Cloud Services, Construction, Manufacturing (including Food Processing, Electronics, Engineering) and Financial Software Development.

Whilst heading up the IT Service Delivery for the UK’s second largest airline he was responsible for delivering continuous service improvement coupled with year on year cost savings through business process improvements and operating efficiencies. One of the key methodologies responsible for achieving these demanding goals was the application of Lean principles in the IT environment and across the whole range of the IT Service spectrum. During his time with LMAC Consulting in New Zealand Gordon has pioneered the development of the Shift To The Left® model which became central to LMAC's success in delivering service improvement for some of their key clients. Through his years of experience, Gordon understands how the practical application of IT Systems together with Lean principles can deliver real, tangible improvements in productivity and profitability.

What’s with the ‘we’?

OK, so you’ve got me. Clearly this website is a vehicle to allow me to make my experience, skills and services available via the Web, but one of the most valuable assets available to me is the network of highly professional, creative, managerial and technical associates and contacts that I have built up over the years. So, from time to time, it may make absolute sense to call on my network in order to deliver the quality service that you as a client has every right to expect. And that’s why I say ‘we’. Because it’s not always just me...

Why not get in touch to see where we can help?

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