About New Day

OK, so you’ve got me.

Clearly this website is a vehicle to allow me to make my experience, skills and services available via the Web, but one of the most valuable assets available to me is the network of highly professional, creative, managerial and technical associates and contacts that I have built up over the years.

So, from time to time, it may make absolute sense to call on my network in order to deliver the quality service that you as a client has every right to expect.

And that’s why I say ‘we’. Because it’s not always just me...

Not just another IT Company or Lean Consultancy, New Day Productivity Services is something different. Having worked for over 30 years in various Technical, Managerial and Consulting roles for some excellent companies around the world, Gordon Hollis has often been asked if he is available to take on freelance assignments. Opportunities presented themselves and New Day Productivity Services (NDPS) has been set up to make that possible.

About Gordon Hollis

During his long career Gordon Hollis has worked for and with a number of high profile and well-known companies across the globe. These companies operate in a variety of industry sectors which has included Local Government, the Travel Sector, Media, Telecommunications, Construction and Manufacturing which has included Food Processing, Electronics, Engineering and Financial Software Development.

Whilst heading up the IT Service Delivery for the UK’s second largest airline he was responsible for delivering continuous service improvement coupled with year on year cost savings through business process improvements and operating efficiencies. One of the key methodologies responsible for achieving these demanding goals was the application of Lean principles in the IT environment. This saw the successful application of Lean principles deployed across the whole range of the IT Service spectrum. During his time with LMAC Consulting in New Zealand Gordon has pioneered the development of the Shift To The Left® model which became central to LMAC's success in delivering service improvement for some of their key clients. Through his years of experience, Gordon understands how the practical application of IT Systems together with Lean principle can deliver real, tangible improvements in productivity and profitability.

What’s with the ‘we’?

Image of Gordon Hollis in sunglasses and T shirt.